Therapeutic or Clinical Pilates

Therapeutic Pilates is delivered as a one to one session and begins with a full Physiotherapist assessment. In the initial session, we will look at your posture and movement patterns to find out what you and your body need so that we can work on exercises that are tailored to your goals.

In particular we will look at:

  • Overall posture
  • Joint movement ranges and restrictions
  • Core strength
  • Strength and flexibility of muscle groups
  • Patterns of movement
  • Muscle imbalances 

Following your assessment, an individualised programme will be created for you to help achieve your specific goals. We will work through it together ensuring you are achieving good quality movements. You will also be given a little ‘Pilates homework’ to work on in-between appointments.

It’s a team work approach that empowers you to learn more and take charge of your body.